Healthcare / Hospital

  • Building Native American Hospital

  • Providing access to medical marijuana to the Native people in combat of many mental and health issues.

Medical & Industrial Agriculture


  • Building cannabis / hemp industry on Tribal lands

  • Cannabis / hemp production and distribution

Home Ownership


  • Building new and affordable housing


Job Creation


  • Creating and developing new environmental sustainable industry that will employ the local community

  • Provide farmers with revenue outside of typical crop growing season

Education Funding

  • Providing government funds to enhance college education, develop more trade schools

  • Campaign for student loan forgiveness

As President of the Navajo Nation San Juan River Farm Board, I collaborate with government delegates, grazing officials, and chapter officials to protect native water rights and improve the economy and livelihood of the Navajo People.

As well, I work with strategic partners, both within and outside the Navajo Nation to bring all necessary services and products for my people to benefit on both, a socio-economic and health and wellness level . 


T: 505-718-1891

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